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Scriptable Tutorial Part 5 – Tables

In this part of the tutorial we want to create a properly formatted table in a widget. This is not quite as easy as with a website because there is no classic table element. However, a table-like structure can be built up via a stack, which should meet most requirements. The class WidgetStack Any number… Read More »

Scriptable Tutorial Part 4 – WebView

In the first part of the scriptable tutorial, we read out the data of a URL using a scriptable request: The request provides the raw data of the transferred URL in a fast and effective way. However, the .loadString method does not interpret the data received. In particular, no scripts contained in the response are… Read More »

Scriptable Tutorial Part 3 – Hey Siri

Another exciting thing about Scriptable is the ability to easily connect your own scripts to Siri. To stick with our Instagram example: Wouldn’t it be great if we could ask Siri how many followers we currently have? And maybe she would even answer? Hey Siri – listen to me! First of all, we can call… Read More »

Scriptable Tutorial Part 2 – Files

In the first part of the tutorial , we looked at how to create an iOS widget with Scriptable. This tutorial will now deal with the topic of persistence. How do you proceed if a script has to temporarily store data? Unfortunately, Scriptable does not allow you easy access to databases or property storage. Technologies… Read More »

Scriptable Tutorial Part 1 – Basics

Everyone is talking about the fine “Scriptable” tool. With this you can implement your own scripts for iOS without having to deal with Apple’s programming languages ​​or infrastructure. All you need is a knowledge of JavaScript. In this tutorial I will show you how you can implement a first widget with Scriptable. In particular, I… Read More »